International Beach Rugby tournament

Sopot Beach Rugby


Sopot Beach Rugby is definitely one of the largest beach rugby tournaments around the world. The tournament has permanently entered the map of European rugby events due to it’s location and atmosphere.

Last year’s edition was a big success. A tough fight, great fun and a lot of positive memories. Sopot was visited by almost 400 players from Poland and abroad.

The end of the tournament is for us the beginning of work on the next. That is why we invite you to the next edition right now – Sopot Beach Rugby 2020!

for everyone

Rugby is a very spectacular discipline, there are no longer breaks in this game, the actions are dynamic, and everything happens under certain rules. The beach version is so simplified that even people who have not had previous contact with this discipline are able to quickly catch the rules and enjoy the spectacle or even try their hand on the pitch.

As part of Sopot Beach Rugby 2020, in addition to the main tournament, there will also be an amateur tournament!

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