Rule I – FIELD

1. Surface:
a. The game is played on sand.

2. Area:
a. length 30 meters, width 25 meters,
b. try area + 2 meters.

Rule II – BALL

 3. Ball Size 4

4. Maximum number of players on the field:
a. Each team may have a maximum of 5 players on the field

5. Reserve players:
a. Each team may nominate seven substitutes.

6. Player changes during the game:
a. A changed player may return to the court during the game.
b. Substitutions may only be made while the ball is “dead”.
c. A substitution is made correctly when: the first player leaves the court (anywhere on the playing court), then a substitute player enters the playing area in the designated substitution zone. The coach or the team captain should supervise the correctness of the changes.

7. More than 5 players on the court in the defending team
a. Penalty: interruption of the game, loss of the ball, points if an additional player interfered with the touchdown, yellow card if it was an intentional act.

8. More than 5 players on the court for the attacking team
a. Penalty: stopping the game, a loss of the ball, a touchdown not scored, a yellow card when it was a deliberate action.

9. Only the captain may ask the referee to clarify serious infringements, such as 6 opponents on the court.

Recipe IV – DRESS

10. Dress code:
a. Players of each team should wear a uniform (T-shirt, shorts)
b. Players perform without shoes


11. Match duration:
a. Elimination match – 2 x 4 minutes (minimum time)
b. Final matches – for places 2 x 5 minutes
c. The end of time is the end of the game

12. Break after the end of the first half:
a. During the break, players switch sides
b. The break may last up to 3 minutes


13. Match is not settled at regular time
a. elimination games in groups, the result from the field remains
b. games for places, playing until “sudden death”


14. Points are scored only by tries
a. 1 point


15. Game results:
a. win – 3 points
b. draw – 2 points
c. loss – 1 point
d. walkover – 3 points (6: 0)


15. Starting the game
a. At the beginning of the half, the game starts in the center of the center line

16. Restarting the game
a. After a try, play is restarted by starting anywhere on the center line
b. After being touched by one team, the other team has 15 seconds to resume play in the center
c. If the team to which the scored points are placed does not restart play within 15 seconds, the ball goes to the opponent

17. Quick start of the game after losing points
a. A player may immediately pick up the ball and run to the center of the playing court to resume play quickly.
b. it is not allowed to pass the ball to a partner standing closer to the center of the pitch,

Consequence: the referee orders the game to be restarted and the lines of defense are allowed to stand

18. Location of the opposing team during the start and face-off:
a. The team without the ball must be at least 5 meters from the center line
b. Penalty: Slow, delaying the start of the faceoff by 5 meters

19. Digging in the game
a. It is not allowed to kick the ball other than by tap kick.
b. Penalty: free from the kick point

Rule X – AUT

20. After the ball goes beyond the line.

a. Penalty: a free throw at the ball exit

Rule  XI – SCRUM

21. There are no scrums

22. For a forward pass a free kick is awarded

Rule XII – REBUILDING (ruck, maul)

23. Playing in contact
a. A player in contact with an opponent has 2 seconds to pass or reject the ball.
b. Penalty: free throw at the point of violation

24. Playing on the ground
a. A player overturned on the ground in contact with an opponent must pass or throw the ball immediately (no ground fight)
b. Penalty: free throw at the point of violation


a. Yellow card – leave the field temporarily for 2 minutes.
b. Red card – exclusion from the entire match,

Possible further sanctions: exclusion from the next match, matches or the entire tournament

(Decision made by the main referee, match referee, tournament organizer).

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