1. Promotion of rugby.
  2. Promotion of Sopot in Poland and in the world.
  3. Promotion of physical activity among the inhabitants of Sopot and the


  1. The organizer is the Foundation (Fundacja Sportu i Rekreacji Edwarda Hodury.


1. Sopot Beach Rugby will take place on July 31, 2021 in Sopot
2. The place of the event and the Competition Office is the city beach near to the pier, entrance no. 23.

3. The starting and ending time of Sopot Beach Rugby by July 31 may be subject to change.

8.30 am – 9.30 am – Women’s and SBR “120” teams registration 

10 am – Start of the Women’s Tournament and SBR “120” Tournament.

11.30 am – 1 pm – Men’s teams registration

2 pm – Start of the Men’s Tournament



  1. a) Men over 18 are allowed to participate in the Sopot Beach Rugby tournaments. In women’s tournament players over 16 are allowed to participate with the consent of the parents.
  2. Both men and women can take part in the Sopot Beach Rugby 120 tournament. Men cannot be active players for at least 5 years, women for at least 1 year. Two U14s players who actively play rugby are allowed in a team.
  3. In the Sopot Beach Rugby open tournaments, there cannot be two team with the same name.
  4. Teams shall consist of a maximum of 12 players, without the possibility of any change until the end of the tournament. Failure to comply with regulation may result in exclusion of the team from further games. The team before the first game cannot have less than 8 players.
  5. All teams are obliged to submit the list of participants in the Competition Office an hour before the start of Sopot Beach Rugby:
  6. The team is required to report to the match referee 5 minutes before the indicated time of the game. A team that fails to appear on time or in an incomplete squad loses the match by a walkover 0-6.
  7. All participants of the tournaments are obliged to follow the orders of persons responsible for safety, security and service on behalf of the Organizer;
  8. The decisions of the medical service regarding the continuation of the game in the tournament are final and immutable.
  9. The organizer is not responsible for NNW and insurance of teams.
  10. The tournament ladder, the system of matches will be determined by 30 July at the latest, after closing the application lists.

In the “SBR 120” tournament the Polish Rugby Union license is not required.
The participants of the SBR open tournaments sign in declaration of participation at their own risk.


  1. Entries for tournaments will be accepted via the application form available on the website or directly to the address
  2. Teams can register to the following tournaments:
    – Sopot Beach Rugby men and women (entry fee)
  3. On-line applications for Sopot Beach Rugby will be accepted from March 1, 2021 until July 15, 2021 or if the limit has been reached.
  4. Entrance fee at Sopot Beach Rugby:
    – PLN 600 (12 people) payment until July 31, 2021 (only paid entrance ensure participating in the tournament)
  5. The fee must be paid to the account:
    Foundation (Fundacja Sportu i Rekreacji Edwarda Hodury)
    Account number: 10 1050 1764 1000 0023 0180 0369
    Account for foreign transfer:
    SWIFT – INGBPLPW EN 10 1050 1764 1000 0023 0180 0369

    Transfer title: entrance fee – team name – Sopot Beach Rugby 2021
  6. The entry fee will be refunded only if the tournament to which the team has been registered does not take place.
  7. The entrance fee guarantees:
    – Participation in the Sopot Beach Rugby tournament
    – Cup or statuette for the team
    – Medals for every team (12 pieces)
    – Water


  1. During the tournaments the paid catering point will be open.
  2. Organizer does not provide accommodation and transport
  3. The organizer guarantees free access to the toilets.


  1. Personal data of Sopot Beach Rugby participants will be processed in accordance with art. 6 par. 1 lit. f RODO. The administrator of personal data will be the Foundation.
  2. Processing of data referred to in paragraph 1 in connection with participation in Sopot Beach Rugby also includes the publication of the participant’s name and surname along with the name of the place where he resides in every way in which the project is published or distributed. Consent to image and image registration at Sopot Beach Rugby for marketing purposes.
  3. The participant has the right to inspect their personal data and correct them.
  4. Providing personal data and consenting to their processing is voluntary, but their failure or lack of consent to their processing prevents you from participating in Sopot Beach Rugby. By submitting to the organizer a correctly completed and signed application form, the participant agrees and allows the use of personal data provided by him for the purpose of sending information about future events, commercial products as well as internal administrative and analytical needs of the Administrator. The participant has the right to withdraw such consent and may do so at any time by sending an email to the Administrator with removal request.
  5. All information about participants obtained by the organizer and included in the start form will be saved electronically. The basis for processing is indispensability to perform the contract (Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR).


  1. Complaints regarding matters related to Sopot Beach Rugby should be submitted in writing with the justification to the organizer to the following address: Fundacja Sportu i Rekreacji Edwarda Hodury 81-756 Sopot, ul. B.Chrobrego 11/1, with the note Sopot Beach Rugby – “Complaint “, Within 7 (seven) days from the date of the event – directly or by registered mail (the date on the postmark shall prevail).
  2. Complaints sent after the deadline specified in paragraph 1 shall not be considered.
  3. Complaints about Sopot Beach Rugby, Organizer will be considered within 30 (thirty) days from the date of their receipt.
  4. The Organizer’s decision regarding complaints regarding Sopot Beach Rugby will be final.


  1. All participants of Sopot Beach Rugby are subject to these regulations.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to conduct interviews with each of the participants, take photos and film them for advertising, promotional purposes, use on the Internet or in radio and television broadcasts, as well as for other commercial needs.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to use, free of charge, all photos, film materials, interviews and sound recordings of the participants of the Memorial in Poland and other countries.They can be used by the Organizer by placing on CD-Roms, DVDs, in catalogs and on the media, on websites, in newspapers and at exhibitions, as well as on promotional and advertising needs related to the activities carried out by the Organizer.
  1. In the place of Sopot Beach Rugby it is forbidden to bring intoxicants, illegal substances, substances increasing physical performance and alcohol of any kind. Participants are prohibited from taking such substances both before and during Sopot Beach Rugby under the condition of exclusion from participation. If the participant is found to be in violation of the alkohol, drugs or othe substances, the organizer reserves the right to not allow him to participate in Sopot Beach Rugby or to exclude him from next games.
  2. By submitting to the organizer, a correctly completed and signed application form, the participant agrees and allows the use of personal data provided by him for the purpose of sending information about future events, commercial products as well as internal administrative and analytical needs, in accordance with the Act on the protection of personal data (Article 13 of the RODO).
  3. All participants have the right to access their personal data and the right to rectify them, delete (details in article 17RODO), processing restrictions (details in article 18RODO), data transfer rights (details in art.20RODO), right to object (details in article 21RODO), the right to withdraw consent.
  4. The organizer provides a medical point during Sopot Beach Rugby.
  5. The organizer is not responsible for things lost during the event.
  6. The results will be published on the event website , facebook of the Foundation and SBR and forwarded to media information.
  7. The organizer is not responsible for confirming untruth about the health condition of the Sopot Beach Rugby participant, for any unforeseeable circumstances, for delaying the resignation from the participation of teams, for time changes, thefts, for natural disasters, extreme weather conditions.
  8. The organizer has the right to change any point of the regulations.
  9. In matters not covered by the regulations, the Organizer decides.